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Final Game for last month results:

These were real hard in my opinion so sorry - was getting sick of people getting EVERYTHING I posted =P

nice job to goldieboy, pezcore12c, and tinmaninacan for getting the last one. Oh and incase anyone wondered the underlying theme was screenshots to the last level/end of the game.
correct answers:
Game for last game

The Winners

kawaiikingyo -- Bomberman

koutetsu -- Super Bomberman

smoovygee -- Bomberman

fnordx -- bomberman

ruecian -- Bomberman

leadfill -- bomberman

cheebo -- bomberman

ccnuggie -- bomberman

peppage -- bomberman

opopanax -- Bomberman (Jetters?)

wiqidbritt -- bomberman

goldieboy -- Bomberman

returnofthekd -- bomberman

morlock -- bomberman

mochino -- Bomberman

chrisswiss83 -- Bomberman

ididmytime -- Super Bomberman

neoness -- Super Bomberman 3/4/5. One of the Capcom ones.

tarpo -- bomberman

aechris -- Bomberman

sebism -- Super Bomberman 4

pezcore12c -- Neo Bomberman

gee_weerez -- Bomberman

The Non-Winners

Game for last game Commando

The Winners

koutetsu -- Commando

acefrehley -- Commando (C64 I believe)

kurtkwagner -- commando

neoness -- Commando

returnofthekd -- commando

chrisswiss83 -- Commando

tarpo -- commando

pezcore12c -- commando

sebism -- Commando

gee_weerez -- Commando

The Non-Winners

aechris -- Ikari Warriors

fnordx -- Rambo

goldieboy -- Contra...?

Game for last game Final Fantasy Tactics

The Winners

kawaiikingyo -- Final Fantasy Tactics

ruecian -- Final Fantasy Tactics

returnofthekd -- Final Fantasy Tatics

goldieboy -- Final Fantasy Tactics - Orlando's gonna get it!

chrisswiss83 -- Final Fantasy Tactics

aechris -- Final Fantasy Tactics

pezcore12c -- final fantasy tactics

gee_weerez -- Final Fantasy Tactics

The Non-Winners

neoness -- Breath Of Fire

tarpo -- breath of fire?

correct answers:
Game for last game Afterburner 2

The Winners

ccnuggie -- afterburner?

peppage -- Afterburner?

returnofthekd -- afterburner 2

wiqidbritt -- after burner

chrisswiss83 -- Afterburner 2

pezcore12c -- after burner 2

g3k -- After Burner

The Non-Winners

neoness -- I don't know. Top Gun?

gee_weerez -- Aero Fighters

aechris -- Aero Fighters

ididmytime -- Av8B Harrier Assault

tarpo -- U.N. Squadron

goldieboy -- Top gun?

morlock -- 1942

subliminalis -- Top Gun

ruecian -- Top Gun

kawaiikingyo -- Top Gun

koutetsu -- Top Gun

acefrehley -- Top Gun

Game for last game Home Alone

The Winners

goldieboy -- Home Alone?

pezcore12c -- home alone

tinmaninacan -- Home Alone

The Non-Winners

tarpo -- no clue.. Grand Theft Auto?

neoness -- SWAT 3: Battle Plan

gee_weerez -- APB

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